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A Virtual Assitant is someone you need to handle routine tasks such as answering the phone, handling e-mail, following up on correspondence, creating flyers, brochures and other marketing materials.

But what is special about a Virtual Assitant (aka VA), is the benefits to you are, well, Awesome!

  • No office space taken, we work from home.
  • No expensive equipment or leasing fees, we use our own.
  • No payroll taxes or fringe benefits - we're independent contractors.
  • No office supplies, furniture, or extra space required.

    One drawback, if we are to be honest will have to make your own coffee!! But look at the time and expense a VA saves you, so you can!

    A VA is as capable as an on site secretary or a temp, without the expense, space (and in some cases, the attitude!)

    Some tasks a VA can easily complete for you are:

  • scheduling
  • call backs
  • mailings
  • memos
  • reports
  • invoices
  • presentations
  • copying
  • faxing

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    e-mail us or:

    Phone (904)374-6255

    Fax (720)294-1931

    P O Box 37088 ~ Jacksonville, FL 32236